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Berlin Trip

CSGS News has already provided you with video highlights from this trip, which can be viewed here. Now you can read in detail all about this fantastic trip and exactly what the students got up to from Millie in year 12.

In March 2016, year 12 pupils studying German or history ventured into the depths of Berlin, uncovering the mysteries and history about the city. Along with the history they were to discover, the German pupils were able to spend the time there practising their linguistic skills and adapting to the German life.
This trip began on the Thursday, where the pupils, accompanied by Frau Stoldt and Herr Thomas, travelled to the airport and embarked on the plane which took them to Berlin. Once everyone had arrived in Berlin, they began their departure from the airport – in which time they lost Herr Thomas quite a few times, as they were going to the coach. The coach journey took them to the hotel, CityLight Hotel, where they were to spend the remaining 3 days.
Brandenburg Gate was the first stop on the sight-seeing tour for the pupils, who spend about an hour and a half walking around the city near the Brandenburg Gate, which included some time spent in the Holocaust Memorial.
That evening, as a group, all of the pupils went to a pizzeria in the proximity of the hotel. The list of foods ranged from pizza and pasta, to sausages! The time at this restaurant allowed the group to bond a lot more and relax after a hectic day.
The pupils had to get up bright and early the next day in order to see everything that the teachers had in store for them. At 10 o’clock the group went to the German History Museum, where there were documentaries and exhibits about the topics the history students will be studying in year 13, such as Germany in the 1800s up until present day. Many of the students found this excursion to be really beneficial to their studies throughout the day.
In the afternoon the group visited Checkpoint Charlie, allowing them to see the last edge of the American sector, as well as have the opportunity to take photos with the guards who stand there if they wished. Just down the road from Checkpoint Charlie was a museum about the Berlin Wall, Mauermuseum, where there were artefacts and antiques that the pupils could look at to extend their knowledge of what life was like in Berlin at that time.
Later the group went to the cinema in PostdamerPlatz, in order to watch the films Hail Caesar and London Has Fallen, both of which were highly entertaining. It was particularly funny for some of the pupils when the German viewers would laugh at the wrong moments, highlighting the difference in culture and language between English and German.
Saturday was full of exciting things to do for the group, as it started with a trip to the Technology Museum in the heart of Berlin. Here the students could see a vast range of exhibits, such as aeroplanes and the world’s first computer! The interactive sections of the museum grasped the pupils’ childish sides, as they began to become even more enthusiastic with the ever growing masses of information that the museum had to offer.
After the visit to the museum, the students walked to the RitterSport shop. RitterSport is one of the most popular chocolate brands in Germany and so this trip excited the group very much. One student bought about 30 euros worth of chocolate, including making his own bar at the chocolate bar. In addition to the theme of food, after the chocolate shop the group went to an Eiscafe, ice cream café, where they could order any flavour of ice cream that they wanted. All of the students enjoyed this!
Sunday was the last day. In the morning it was a case of making sure nothing was left behind, packing the suitcases, sitting on the suitcases, because the chocolate they bought wouldn’t fit in! The coach journey back to the airport was filled with mixed feelings, those of sadness, because we are leaving the country, but also those of happiness to see their families again. One thing is for certain – this trip was enjoyable for all.