Tepee making in History

Sounds like some very exciting History lessons have been taking place in year 7. Read on to find out all about what 7T have been getting up to recently, and check out the photos of their outstanding tepee designs underneath.

In our recent history lessons, class 7T have been learning about Native Americans- especially the Sioux, who travelled after buffalo along the Plains (which were a large flat area of dry land). We have been focusing in life in their camps.

The Sioux actually were a nation of tribes and, whilst we were learning about the life they lead, we found out that they lived in tepees. Each tepee had four sticks to hold up the cover, made out of the skin of 18-20 buffalo.
So, for our homework one day, we were asked by our teacher Mr Jolin to design our own tepee, using symbols that meant something to us (for example school) and gain inspiration from the Sioux. Each of the sides of a tepee for the Sioux pointed in a different direction. The NW side symbolises eternal winter, the SE the eternal summer. The NE symbolises the start of day with the SW meaning death.

By Amelia.