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Francophonie Online Competition

On Wednesday the 16th of March, 50 pupils from Yr7, 8 and 9 represented Chis and Sid in a national online competition organized by the Belgium Embassy. All year groups did really well and our year 7 group managed to come 2nd in the country, missing out joint 1st by one point.
We had been given 60 minutes to complete all 60 questions that were presented in the quiz. All the questions were on aspects of francophone countries and were all posed in French, with the occasional fun fact in English. The first part was all about French language and touched on the geography of Belgium. Other parts included things like food, phrases and comics. As a result of coming second, our team won a bag full of goodies that included a comic (in French), a box of chocolates, a notepad and pen, a T-Shirt, a rucksack and an award to be hung up, by the entrance of the school. We gained a lot of experience from this occasion that will even help us in other subjects, as well as mainly French. It was a great opportunity and a big thanks is awarded to Miss Lorsery and the sixth form helpers.
Emily, 7S