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Latin trip to Fishbourne

The trip to the ancient Roman site of Fishbourne was very interesting and educational. The first part of our trip involved watching a documentary about the site – its history and how it would have looked like in Roman times, before it was destroyed.
Fishbourne Palace is in Chichester, west Sussex. The rectangular palace was surrounded by beautiful gardens when it was first built, which have been reconstructed (as much as possible) with authentic Roman era plants.
The large palace was destroyed by a fire and the site gradually became overgrown and forgotten. However, it was uncovered in 1960 by a water company when they were trying to lay down new water mains in a field on top of the site.
Many interesting and complex mosaics were found semi-intact, including a large dolphin mosaic, which can still be seen by visitors today. The palace also included as many as fifty mosaic floors, underfloor central heating (a hypocaust system) and its very own bathhouse.
~ Written by Millie Selwyn 8S & Ella Woodgate 8T