Netball Update

Success seems to be the best word to describe Chis and Sid’s netball season this year. We’ve got several articles for you hear that make it clear just how talented our girls are.

First of all, Lucy Gardiner gives us the lowdown on the year 7’s activities:

This year U12 netball has been a grand success! Over 40 girls came along 3 times a week for training sessions and we had 22 matches as well as tournaments throughout the season. As there are only 7 players in a netball team many committed girls had to be very patient waiting for a match and we thank them for this.
Out of the 22 matches that we played we won 18 of them, which is a brilliant outcome. One of our strongest rivals was Bromley high school who we played 3 times. 2 of these times were A-D matches and the first time we were wiped out, as we did not expect them to be as quick and full of life as they were. The second time we played them B C and D teams played really hard but slipped out by a few goals and the A team lost again as well but it was a much tougher match and the score was 6-10. Our third encounter with Bromley was at the Kent schools tournament and they were our second match of the day. All of the 9 girls were very apprehensive but got on and played as hard as we could. It was a very close game but we managed to pull it out with one turn over of possession and the score was 6-4 to CSGS. I think that this is a great way to show how much the U12 teams have improved with all the training they have been putting in. A few other great matches that have taken place are the first game of the year against St Dunstans were we won 17-0, the Townley match which we also won 19-1 and Trinity where we won 20-4.
In all of these matches that we took part in there was a player of the match that is someone the opposition chooses that they think really stood out in the game. Lots of girls were nominated, but special mentions should go to Jessica smith, Ellese Backley and Lucy Gardiner. Well done girls. We also had 2 tournaments to round off this season. We had the U12 Bexley tournament and the U12 Kent tournament. All of the girls who took part in either of those tournaments did an outstanding job and should be very proud.
Last but not least I would like to say a special thank you to the girls who played up a year in the U13 Bexley tournament. When faced against players who were older and taller than they were they still managed to keep their calm and won 5/7 of their matches. So well done Shakanya, Lucy, Erin, Ellese, Eloise, Jessica, Irem, Jemima and Kitty. We would also like to say thank you to the netball committee formed of parents who helped fundraise and organise many of our events and without them we couldn’t have been able to do what we’ve done this netball season. My last thank you goes to our netball coaches Mrs Close and Miss Bunn for training us and preparing us for everything we have completed. I hope we have made you proud and it must be a lot of hard work coaching us but you have done a spectacular job.
I hope you enjoyed my summary of year 7 netball 2015-16 and a last well done to everyone who helped out or was involved in anyway this season. Hope to see you next year girls!

Next up is Ellese Backley, reporting on the Kent Under 12 tournament:

On the 16th of March the excited year 7 netball team got ready and packed up for the Kent tournament. All nine of us arrived at school for eight o’clock and – after getting into our sports kit – jumped on the mini bus for an hours drive to Rainham school for girls. As we arrived we saw some skilful teams warming up, everyone was very nervous with the anticipation of the games ahead of us. After setting our pitch for the day we had a powwow to bring up the teams confidence and also to consider tactics for the upcoming games.
For this tournament I was awarded captain so it was my job to lead a warm up before the first match commenced. All of us were very cold as the weather wasn’t the best but as the first match came we all felt as ready as ever and we’re all wishing each other the best.
There were two pools and there were 8 in each pool. Every team was challenging but Chis n Sid fought harder than ever. We finished some amazing scores including 6-4 against Bromley High and 13-1 against Highstead. However Highworth took possession at some crucial points of the game and we narrowly lost 7-9. In result we won 7 matches and lost 1.
As we had done so well in the initial games we could then move on to the 1/4 finals which was against Tonbridge and we beat them 8-4 and then the semi finals against Sevenoaks, and sadly we lost 7-9.. However we could still play for third position, Chis n Sid fought strong from a hard day of netball and pulled an impressive win which made us third out of thirty six other schools in Kent!
Not too bad huh?!

And finally, the Bexley U12 and U13 tournament- held right here at Chis and Sid:

Recently the year 7 and 8 netball girls stepped up to the plate when Chis and Sid hosted the Bexley U12 and U13 netball tournaments. Firstly the U13 netball tournament, Chis and Sid put in two teams one of which were year 7s!! With 8 teams in total there was some hard competition including Townley Grammar and Trinity. Both teams fought hard with the CSGS A team winning 6 of their 7 matches which include a 6-0 win against Harris academy and a 4-0 win against Bexleyheath Academy. The most notable match of the day was when the two Chis and Sid teams went face to face. The year 7 CSGS B team gave the A’s a run for their money equalising every time the A’s scored. Their hard work unfortunately wasn’t enough when GS Lucy Barritt for the CSGS A team scored a last minute goal which secured their 5-4 victory over the year 7’s. The first team went on to get 31 points drawing first place but unfortunately lost out on goal difference to Trinity getting second place. The CSGS B team also did very well showing a strong performance and despite being a year younger than the rest of the competition they got 3rd place showing just how good they are.
The U12 tournament was also very successful with 9 teams in total including two of our very own teams. CSGS 1 played effortlessly on the court and didn’t lose a single match smashing their opposition with 2 amazing 11-0 victories. CSGS 2 also worked very hard winning 4 out of their 8 matches and drawing 3. At the end of the tournament CSGS 1 deservedly emerged winners after drawing 1ST with Townley and guaranteed the top spot after scoring 53 goals across the whole tournament! CSGS 2 didn’t disappoint and secured their spot in the top three with strong performances from the girls. Players of the tournament were Jessie Smith and Josie Bowen, well done girls.
A big thankyou to all the girls who played, parents friends and family who supported, students who helped umpire and scored and most importantly the teachers for organising and running the tournament so amazingly.