Food Technology

Pop Up Restaurant

On Thursday the 10th March, year 10 food tech students got the opportunity to invite their parents into the school for a pop up restaurant. Our parents, alongside some teachers, came as we created a restaurant environment where we served them a three course meal.
This was the menu which we served:




We would like to thank the sixth formers who stayed back to help: Grace Jardine, Hannah Onapeju, Jemma Fruin and Sam Wakefield, for giving up their time to prepare the desserts. We would also like to say thank you to Mrs Afari, Mrs Fentiman and Mrs Hopkins and all of the parents for coming.
Overall it was an enjoyable experience that we have learnt a lot from and we plan to take what we learnt and use it in the future. We are hoping that in future years we can carry on with the pop up restaurant because everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Check out photos of the amazing food created by Chis and Sid’s talented chefs below: