General School News

Headmaster’s Autumn Term Update

The pace of things has been absolutely relentless with an abundance of events, trips and exams taking place since the start of the year. The new Year 7s and 12s have settled well and have become accustomed to the CSGS routines and it is a pleasure to see the rest of the students settle well into their new year groups. The school’s Premises Team has been busy preparing the school in the summer and it was a pleasure to see lots of improvements to the school as well as the grounds being thoroughly prepared for the forthcoming winter sports. We have seen the rapid progress of the new Sixth Form Building which is close to finishing and it was a nice surprise to receive a grant for a new Performing Arts building which will house the Drama and Music departments. The school is undergoing the refurbishment of the central heating system and the new pipes will ensure that the main building is nice and warm over the winter months. We started the year with a huge number of Year 6s taking the Bexley Test which was closely followed by over 2000 visitors visiting the school for the Prospective Parents’ Evening for Year 7 entry and almost the same number at the Sixth Form Evening – this was a mammoth task for the school and the pupils were excellent helping to show the school at its best. We held a very well attended Junior and Senior Speech Day at which we celebrated the outstanding results which were achieved by our students. The frenetic pace of the school continues with the ever busy departments in the school continuing to engage and challenge the children. The PE department has seen the continued growth in popularity of netball with a higher participation rate of the girls training for matches and the boys’ rugby teams continue to flourish and perform at a very competitive level. There have been many trips over this term with the senior rugby players who returned from Verona from their summer training camp, the Geographers visited the Royal Geographical Society, our girls participated in the UK Mathematics Olympiad for Girls, Business Studies students visited the Isle of Thanet and the Classics department visited Bath. There is a rich variety of trips of which only a few have been mentioned here. The annual dance production was once again led by year 12 and 13 girls and to their credit they managed to coordinate an eclectic mix of Disney songs under the careful leadership of Mrs Gear-Chatham. A large number of Year 8s went to visit the Christmas markets and they all came back having enjoyed the trip which was led by Miss Stoldt. Out students and staff paid respect to the fallen heroes on Armistice Day and also paid their respect by holding a minute’s silence in memory of the tragic events of Paris.

The school continues to be very busy and the Year 11s have just finished their GCSE mock exams and the Year 13s will have their mocks in January. A huge number of Year 13s have applied to university and are receiving offers for their chosen universities whilst some are awaiting the outcomes of their interviews – we would like to wish them every success in their preparation for the exams. We have been active in raising funds for the Sixth Form Building and have managed to raise nearly £20000 – thank you to all donors – if you would like to contribute then please feel free to do so on the school’s JustGiving page.
At the end of this term we would like to say farewell to Mr Janks and Mr Kyle. Mr Janks is retiring from teaching after 23 years at CSGS and Mr Kyle is travelling to Australia. We would like to thank them for their service to the school and wish them well for the future.
Finally, on behalf of the staff I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

All the best.
Nigel Walker