General School News

Mr Janks Retires

After over two decades teaching at Chis and Sid, Mr Janks has retired this Christmas.

He has been involved with the English, History and PE departments and embraced life at Chis and Sid with excitement and passion. Whether teaching in a classroom or coaching the 3rd XV, Mr Janks is a unique character, full of charisma, laughter and joy.

With his departure goes his wealth of experience and a way of teaching similar to no other. Never short of a smile, he delivered interesting, enjoyable and engaging lessons across a variety of subjects over an extensive period of time. Few could match this quality of adaptability whilst maintaining high standards of success.

For several years, Mr Janks has coached one of our many rugby teams, and in recent years he is the only coach to have had back-to-back wins against Whitgift – one of the toughest opponents on the school’s rugby calendar. Though he admits he is not as knowledgeable as others in the sport, his passion and will to win was always apparent in his pre-match team talks.

A tear may be shed, a funny story may be told, but above all Mr Janks’ likeable personality and driven nature remain why he was so popular with the students. On behalf of all Chis and Sid students past and present, we thank you very much and wish you a happy and healthy future as you enter retirement.

By Liam Buttery.