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Business at BASE Competition

On the 2nd December, a team of six took part in the business competition BASE at ICAEW, in which they had to write and adapt a presentation in order to persuade a panel of judges that their analysis of ideas suits their company best. The judges came from a range of companies including ICAEW itself, an established chartered accountancy firm.

Throughout the day the team was faced with a number of different timed challenges, all with different situations affecting the previous decision. This caused the six business students to react to the changes in the market and establish themselves as easily modifiable people. The team decided that a leader should be selected, of which the role was designated to Millie Smith, and with news breaks and extra information being added constantly, the time management process was a major priority.

The presentation of the team’s ideas was in front of their peers. 10 teams judged on their presentation of ideas, validity and accuracy based on the data given also. Millie, Sam and Grace went up to talk about the team’s decision, with Chuan standing by with visual aids. The entire team’s input was invaluable and the essence of the team’s decision was portrayed incredibly well.

One of the girls on the team has said, ‘The experience has really encouraged me to go into a business environment. Working in a team comes naturally to me, and at the BASE competition it was really put into practice.’

Towards the end of the day, the team gained the opportunity to speak to some of the professionals, who had been helping them throughout the day. Some students asked about work experience placements, others university requirements or even apprenticeships, with almost all of their questions answered with positive feedback.

The day brought about a lot of experience and information for the BASE team and it can definitely be said that the day was enjoyable!

By Millie Smith