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Classics Trip to Bath

Students in year 10 learnt all about life in Roman times on their visit to the famous Baths in, well, in Bath!

Read on to find out all about this excellent trip from Mia and scroll down to the bottom to see a video of the trip.

On Monday 9th November, year 10 went on a Latin trip to Bath. After our coach journey we finally arrived at Bath, after just stepping off the coach I was taken away by the beautiful architecture I was surrounded by. As we entered the museum we were met by our guide, Bernard, who took us into a room in the museum and showed us many of the treasures that would have been used in the Roman times. These were objects such as a strigil which was used to scrap off dirt from the body to cleanse themselves. Oil would have been poured onto the body and the strygil had a curved blade to scrape the oil off the body and remove the dirt from the skin. After having a close look at the ancient treasures, we picked up an audio guide and listened to a commentary as we walked around the site. I learnt facts such as; the hot springs had a temperature of 46 degrees and the baths were constructed in around 70 AD. We walked along the ancient pavement as the Romans did 2,000 years ago. As we entered the Pump Room, we were able to take a sip of the spa water which the Romans believed to have healing powers. After the tour, we were given the opportunity to wander around the town of Bath for ourselves and I was able to have a closer look at the beautiful architecture and fascinating history I was surrounded by.

Bath was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, I was inspired by the history I was surrounded by and it gave me a realistic idea of what life was life for the Romans 2,000 years ago.

I enjoyed every part of our trip, I would love to go back to Bath and explore the stunning architecture in more detail. Thank you to all the teachers that made our day possible, it was an experience I will never forget.